The changing business environment is posing new challenges to insurance executives. They need to gear up and explore new venues of self-development to find befitting answers to the upcoming challenges. The program facilitates realignment of values, beliefs and attitude through self-awareness techniques which will bring effectiveness, enthusiasm and willingness to give one’s best even in most challenging situations.

 The workshop will be conducted with the help of experiential exercises, role plays, and group work. Participants will find workshop extremely useful in their professional as well as personal life.

 Learning Objectives: 

Ø   To identify areas of personal and interpersonal growth.

Ø   To develop clarity about impact of self-concept on personal and professional life.

Ø   To identify ineffective behavioural patterns & mindsets and develop skills to alter them.

Ø   To acquire techniques to sustain chosen patterns/mindsets.


Ø   Self-Concept and Implications for Workplace Behaviours

Ø   Growth Mind-set v/s Limiting Mind-set

Ø   Identification and overcoming of ineffective behavioural patterns and mind-sets

Ø   Behaviour Modification

Ø   Role Taking and Role Efficacy

Ø   Executive Presence

 Participants’ Profile:         Middle level executives (Scale II and Scale III)

  Duration:        3 Days

 Dates:             20.06.2022-22.06.2022