Commercial Aviation has taken rapid strides in recent years across the globe.  Indian Commercial Aviation Industry is currently growing at a tremendous pace, offering substantial opportunity to domestic insurers. The need to technically equip a core team to handle aviation insurance is a must for General Insurance Companies.  Aviation Insurance is highly specialized in nature and is global in character.  The programme is designed to cater to this need.



This Programme aims:

•  To introduce the participants to the basics of Aviation insurance

• To help the participants develop a perspective on assessment and underwriting of aviation risks

•  To highlight the role of reinsurance in aviation insurance



• Global Aviation Insurance Market

• Aircraft Design, Construction and anatomy

• Risk assessment in Aviation Field

• Underwriting of aviation risks, clauses, policies & Rating

• Reinsurance for aviation risks

• Settlement of claims and related issues

•  Aviation Liabilities


Participants’ Profile

Indian: Executives handling Aviation Insurance in General Insurance Companies

Overseas: Middle & Senior level Executives concerned with Aviation Insurance


Duration:       3 Days


Dates:              30.06.2022-01.07.2022