In the current challenging business environment, decision making, and problem-solving skills are essential for managerial effectiveness. This workshop will equip participants to understand thinking mechanisms and impart techniques to develop problem solving and decision-making skills.

 The workshop shall be conducted with the help of management games, role plays, and group work.

 Learning Objectives:

  To identify personal barriers to problem solving and ways to overcome these barriers.

  To understand problem solving process.

  To understand role of creativity in problem solving.

  To build decision making and critical thinking skills.


  Critical Thinking Skills

  Systematic approach to problem solving and decision making.

  Steps and Techniques of creative problem solving.

  Introduction to Problem Solving Tools

  Constructive Controversy  

  Inductive Reasoning  

  Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA)  

  Heuristic Methods  

  Means-End Analysis  

  BADIR   - Extracting Information from Data, Intelligently

  Attributes of creativity

  Lateral thinking in decision-making

  Improving decision making

  How to Make Decisions  

  How Good Is Your Decision Making?  

  Decision Making Models 

  Choosing Amongst Options 

  Deciding Whether to Go Ahead

  The Impact of Ethics and Values

  Group Decision Making

  Basic Communication Skills

  Leadership skills - overview

Participants Profile:     Officers in the cadres of AO/ADM from BO/DO/ZO/CO to be nominated by ZO/CO HRD

Duration: 2 days

Dates:       08.11.2021 - 09.11.2021