Effectiveness involves doing the “Right Things at the Right Time”. Managers have to be effective as they are responsible for the timely results and timely performance of their teams which in turn ultimately decides the effectiveness of the Organisation.

 In the present day technological advancement, customer centricity and rapidly increasing   customer expectations, it is essential that today’s managers improve their managerial skills manifold.

 To achieve this, a manager has to develop an effective style of Leadership. He/she has to explore and identify the hidden potential that lies within him/herself and also his/her teammates. Innovation and speed in decision-making and providing prompt customer services is going to be the game changer, which will ultimately determine who will be the Market Leader tomorrow. The ability to produce and nurture a High Performing and Self-motivated Team is a key determinant for managerial effectiveness.

 Objectives:  At the end of this training programme, the participants would be able to

Ø  understand the key determinants of managerial effectiveness

Ø  appreciate the role of a manager

Ø  identify individual leadership styles  

Ø  acquire and develop required leadership skills

Ø  facilitate teamwork and better coordination among individuals and different departments

Ø  build high morale of their teams and raise productivity 


Ø  Current Economic Scenario and its implications for Life Insurance Industry

Ø  Role of a manager and determinants of managerial effectiveness

Ø  Role of Individuals & Team Building

Ø  Leadership skills

Ø  Empowerment and Delegation

Ø  Decision Making

Ø  Managing Emotions

Ø  Managing Change

Ø  Effective Communication Skills

Ø  Enhancing Performance through Self- Awareness

Ø  Negotiation Skills

Ø  Conflict management

Ø  Time management

Ø  Business etiquette

Ø  Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

Participants’ Profile:

ADMs /DMs (BO/DO/ZO non - marketing officials) having at least one year experience to be nominated by HRD Depts. of Zonal Offices. CO Officials to be nominated by CO HRD as per recommendations of concerned CO HOD.


Duration: 3 days


Date:   29.11.2021 – 01.12.2021 (Classroom training )