The middle level executives of Life Insurance Companies should have deeper knowledge about fundamental and principles of Life Insurance.  The uniqueness of life insurance fundamentals has a great impact on the business processes. Executives are required not only to know the basics, but also they need to have a fresh look at the application of such basics to the changing business environment in terms of changing life expectancy, new social and economic order and current financial market dynamics. In the existing dynamics, insurance frauds have increased substantially in National and International market. Hence, the programme is designed to discuss technical aspects of Life Insurance Business in the modern-day context.


At the end of the programme the participants should be able to understand


   Risk Management & ERM

   Actuarial Practices and Product Pricing

   International Life Insurance Market

   Current Regulations of Life Insurance Industry Including Micro, Health and Annuity.

   Fraud in Life Insurance & Its Prevention. 

   Pension and Group Insurance

   Current Competitive Business Environment 

   Financial Markets

   Life Fund Investment & Investment Regulations

   Valuation Methods and Solvency Issues

   Technology Outputs and Their Application to Life Business

 Contents: -

  Enterprise Risk Management

  Overview of IRDAI Regulations

  International Practices in Life Insurance

  Actuarial Principles and Practices, Product Pricing Issue

  Principle and Practice of Underwriting

  Regulations of different Distribution Channels and Channel conflict Management

  Policy Holder Protection Act and CRM Initiative

  Consumer Protect Act 2019 (Amended)

  Digital Trends in Life Insurance Distribution

  Life Insurance Accounting /IND-AS/GAAP/IFRS

  Demographic Change and Life Insurance

  Business Ethics

  Corporate Governance

  Financial Markets and Life Fund Investment

  Valuation Methods and Solvency Issues

  Emerging Market and Takaful Insurance (For International Participants)

  Leveraging Information Technology for Life Insurance Operations

  P & GS Business and Its Regulations

  Current Economic Scenario

  Fraud in Life Insurance and Its Preventions

   Data Analytics

  Personal Financial Planning

  Health Insurance & Regulations


  RTI Act 2005 and its applications.

  Regulatory Compliances

  Project work to be given during the training period & Presentation.

  Participants Profile:

 Officers in the cadres of ADMs and DMs working in Central Office and Zonal Offices of LIC having residual service of at least 5 years to be nominated by HRD Depts. of respective offices.

 Middle level executives of other Life Insurance and allied Companies.

 Duration: 1 week (Classroom training)

 Dates:  13-12-2021 - 17-12-2021