Customers’ Expectations for service are ever increasing and upskilling Call-center Personnel plays a very crucial part in providing satisfaction to the customers, given the long-term bond that gets built into the Insurance Contract. Improving performance management and providing training on best practices to the staff manning the call centers, is key to keepi ng the customers happy. Customers are increasingly relying more on these Call-centers or Customer-Zones (in LIC parlance) where they get a quicker solution to their problems. 

 It costs many times more to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing one. However, not all customers’ needs and expectations are equal. Some require more attention than others, some need guidance from time to time and some simply do not wish to be disturbed. By gaining insights into their needs, preferences and behavior, customer-journeys can be optimized at the various critical touch points that act as “Moments of Truth”. The staff at the Customer Zones need to be sensitized on these aspects and trained to handle different types of  customers, esp. those who call in or e-mail their requests.

 This programme intends to create a differentiated experience at these touchpoints particularly “Customer Zones” that the customers choose to interact with LICI. It may help the CZ managers in enhancing and aligning their service delivery capabilities towards the behavioral shifts of the target customers. It is about knowing our customers so completely that one can create and deliver personalized experiences that will entice the customer to not only remain loyal to LIC of India, but also to recommend to others about the Organisation.


 At the end of the Programme, participants will be able to appreciate:

Ø  Global Trends in the Life Insurance Industry

Ø  CRM Initiatives

Ø  Moments of Truth

Ø  Competitors’ Strategy in Customer Retention

Ø  Digital Era and Consumer Influence

Ø  Using Social Media to resolve Customer Queries and Complaints

Ø  Improvement in Customer Loyalty through Improved Service Delivery Mechanism and memorable customer interaction

Ø  Sharing of Experiences and replicating Best Practices adopted by different Customer Zones


 Ø Global Trends in Life Insurance

Ø CRM Initiative in current Era

Ø Service Quality Management

Ø Consumer Behavior in Digital Era

Ø Use of IT for Complaint Resolution/ Grievances Redressal Machinery

Ø Effective Communication Skill

Ø Improving Written Communication Skills, incl. e-mail etiquettes

Ø Art of Listening

Ø Feedback Skills

Ø Conflict Resolution

Ø Updated Knowledge Management

Ø Adverse Publicity Management in Digital Platform

Ø Lead Management

Ø Live Chat Conversation


Participants’ Profile:  Customer Zone AOs and ADMS (C-Zee) in LIC of India to be nominated by ZO HRD Department

 Duration: 2 days

 Dates: 27.04.2021-28.04.2021