Different investment avenues are available to investors. These investments offer good investment opportunities to the investors. All investments carry certain risks. The investors should compare the risks and expected yields after adjustment of tax on various instruments while taking investment decisions.

They may not be familiar with the market mechanism and the practices as well as their rights and obligations. To make the Executives aware of various investment opportunities available, the risk and return attached to them and the dynamics of various financial markets the training of Executives is essential from individual and organisational perspective.


    To learn basics of equity analysis of various aspects of the company and industry like financial analysis, business analysis, understanding of corporate governance issues, valuation and reporting so as to enable decision making.

    To learn about the intricacies of primary or secondary equity market operations.

    To understand broad Investment objectives and policies of the organization.

    To learn about the Risk Management and ALM strategies related to the organization.

    To learn about various regulations related to insurance investments.

    To understand basics of IPO and embedded value etc.


     Overview of Investment

     Short term & long-term investment products

     IRDAI Regulations relating to investment of Insurance funds.

     Relation between risk and return

     Discounted Cash Flow & Time value of Money

     Securities Market Overview

     Financial & Economic Environment

     Securities market & financial system

     Study of Financial Statements including common ratios e.g. Operating & Net Margins, EPS, Dividend Yield, ROCE, ROE, Inventory & Debtors Turnover, Debt Equity Ratio (Leverage)

     Insurance Accounting, Capital Adequacy, Solvency

     IPO and Embedded value etc.

 Participants Profile : Officers from BO/DO/ZO/CO in the cadre of ADM and DM  to be nominated by ZOHRD & CO HRD department.

 Duration: 2 days

 Date:   22.04.2021 23.04.2021