It is important for the Insurance Companies to transform themselves as Learning Organizations to effectively face changing business environment. Training System in the Industry plays an important role in developing a learning organization through knowledge creation and capacity building.

 Thus ‘Training the Trainers’ needs to be an ongoing process to keep pace with the changing business objectives and employees’ competency requirements.

 This programme focuses on ‘Training Skills’ and is designed for faculty members of Management Development Centre and Zonal Training Centres. Officers who are invited to take session at in-house training centres will also find the programme useful.

 The programme is experiential in nature wherein participants will be exposed to training techniques, systematic approach to training, and video aided practice sessions.


Ø   To conduct training needs and audience analysis to determine training design.

Ø   To establish learning objectives.

Ø   To design need based training modules.

Ø   To develop Learning Environment.

Ø   To apply adult learning principles.

Ø   To practice participant centric training techniques.

Ø   To use audio visuals and learning aids in effective manner.

Ø   To apply Kolb’s Learning Cycle to evaluate training effectiveness.


Ø   Principles of Andragogy (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Training Needs Analysis (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Training Design and Topic Planning (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Managing Training Environment (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Online Training Etiquette (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Training Techniques (for e.g. Case Analysis, Role Plays, and Management Games etc.) (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Micro Teaching Techniques (MDC/ZTC)

Ø   Presentation Skills (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Content Management (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Financial Awareness (MDC/ZTC/STC )

Ø   Training Evaluation and Impact Assessment (MDC/ZTC/STC)

Ø   Learning Styles, Beginners / Experienced (STC only)

Ø   Product Comparison & Presentation Skills (STC only)

Ø   Social Media/Digital Marketing and Communication Skills (STC only)

Ø   ULIP/Mutual Fund comparison (STC only)

Ø   IPO & Organisational profile (STC only)  

Participants’ Profile: Faculty Members in STC to be nominated by ZO HRD Departments

Duration: 2 days

Dates: 26.04.2021-27.04.2021