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Sr. No. Category P. No. Programme Title Duration in days Dates
1 Life P600 Investment Awareness for Officers from BO/DO/ZO/CO in the cadre of ADM and DM (Life) 2 days 22.04.2021-23.04.2021
2 Non-life PCO3 Programme for Branch Managers (Non-Life) 2 days 22.04.2021-23.04.2021
3 Life P169 Train the Trainers Programme (Life) (for  Faculty Members in STC) 2 days 26.04.2021-27.04.2021
4 Non-life P038 Retiring Executives (Non-Life)- I 3 days 26.04.2021 - 28.04.2021
5 Life P681 Programme for Customer Expeirence Management for C Zone Managers (Life 2 days 27.04.2021-28.04.2021
6 Non-life P162 Management of Miscellaneous Insurance Business  (Non-Life)-I 3 days 27.04.2021-29.04.2021
7 Life P705 Insurance Fraud detection and Prevention for Inspection, Vigilance and Divisional A & I Nodal Officials.(Life) 2 days 28.04.2021-29.04.2021