Certified Enterprise Risk Management Professional

Become a Certified Enterprise Risk Management Professional and earn the IRM designations while studying at National Insurance Academy

Help your employer prepare for and manage the next crisis by getting qualified with IRM’s qualifications from Level 1 to 5. IRM’s exams cover ERM which is much wider than financial or insurance risk management.

As the world leader in enterprise risk management qualifications, the Institute of Risk Management (IRM), headquartered in the UK, provides an ideal pathway (Level 1 to Level 5) for becoming a risk-intelligent leader and certified fellow, recognized across the globe in 143 countries. The designations awarded by the IRM, are the world's most highly respected titles for enterprise risk management (ERM) professionals. Achieving success in ERM, after passing IRM's rigorous qualifications and demonstrating relevant work experience, signifies expertise and proficiency of the essential knowledge and skills needed to manage enterprise-wide risks across sectors and economies, including marketing, compliance, finance, cybersecurity, supply chain, climate change, reputation, and more.

Earn these designations and elevate your professional career alongside your graduation / post-graduation to demonstrate that you can successfully manage enterprise-wide risks and develop a robust risk culture with resilience and crisis-readiness for your organisation.

Contact your faculty ambassador to enrol into the Global Level 1 ERM course or for any of the upcoming exams or you can also visit www.theirmindia.org