National Insurance Academy, Pune, India 

Calendar for the year 2016-2017  

Index of Programmes - Subject Wise 

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Name of the Programme

Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P1 Management of Strategic Issues for Insurance Executives (Non-Life)   26-27                    
P89 Corporate Governance Issues for Senior Management (Combined)       21-22                
P96 Business Environment for Sr./DMs (Life)          08-10            20-22  
P159 Insurance Regulation & Compliance Issues (Non-Life)          25-26              
P543 Enterprise Risk Management for Sr. Executives (Non-Life)     23-24                  
P583 Workshop on Organisational Renewal (Non-Life)- For GMs and DGMs             13-14          
P605 Strategic Intent and Execution Excellence (Life)       18-20       02-04        
P638 Programme on Brand Management for SDMs (Life)             03-05          
  Name of the Programme Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P10 Executive Development Programme (Non-Life)     13-17     26-30         13-17  
P13 Women Managers (Combined)       11-15 29-02     05-09     06-10
P14 Young Executives Programme (YEP) (Life)       18-29 22-02   28-09 09-20    
P38 Retiring Executives (Non-Life) 11-13     04-06 16-18 07-09 24-26   14-16 23-25 13-15 15-17
P52 Programme on Estate Management (Non-Life)   02-04                    
P128 Prevention of Insurance Frauds (Non-Life)            19-23     26-30      
P223 General Management Programme for Middle Level Executives (Life)   02-11         17-26 16-25   30-08  
P315 Workshop on Communication and Presentation Skills (Life) 25-29 23-27       26-30     26-30      
P547 Competency Development Programme for Chief Managers (Life)         22-26   03-07          
P585 Programme on Improving Communication Systems (Non-Life)         03-05           27-01
P586 Workshop on Problem Solving Techniques & Creativity (Combined)               15-17        
P587 General Management Programme for Operating Unit Heads (Non-Life)       04-06     03-05     04-06    
P633 EOPO- Enquiry Officer and Presenting Officer (Non-Life)     20-22                  
P635 Executive Development Programme for Engineering Department (Life)   23-27 13-17                  
P640 Programme on Vigilance in General Insurance (Non-Life) 20-22                      
P643 Seminar on Right to Information Act (Combined)             14          
P647 Programme on Creative Thinking, Innovation for Organisational Effectiveness (Non-Life)   18-20                    
P663 Retiring Executives (Non-Life) (for Scale V, VI and VII) 20-22             09-11        
P666 Enterprise Risk Management for Middle Level Executives (Non-Life)                 13-15      
  Name of the Programme Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P16 Marketing Strategies (Life)     06-10 25-29                
P17 Essentials of Sales & Marketing for Frontline Executives (Non-Life) 25-27             16-18        
P20 Distribution Channel Management (Life)       11-15         19-23      
P95 Retail Insurance (Non-Life)   30-01           14-16      
P170 Integrated CRM (Life) 25-29             07-11        
P190 Workshop on Managerial Excellence: Programme for Branch Heads (Life)           19-23     19-23      
P361 Workshop on Distribution Channels Management (Non-Life)     27-29             02-04    
P401 Techno Marketing in General Insurance (Non-Life)     15-17                  
P546 Financial  Inclusion (Non-Life)       13-15                
P588 Customer Relationship Management (Non-Life)             17-19          
P589 Corporate Branding and Reputation (Non-Life)                     13-15  
P590 Marketing Strategies for Non-marketing Executives (Non-Life)               28-30        
P591 Comprehensive Marketing Programme for Marketing Executives (Non-Life)           19-23       09-13    
P592 Market Segmentation - Effective Service Delivery (Non-Life)                     01-03  
P593 New Age Marketing  (Life)             17-21   05-09      
P595 Old Age Security and Pension (Life)     27-29               21-23  
P598 Best Practices in Marketing (Life)               07-11        
P636 Emerging Trends in Marketing for MMs (Life)               21-25        
P639 Market intelligence (Life)                 13-15      
P667 Social Marketing (Non-Life)           26-27            
  Name of the Programme Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P26 Finance Appreciation Programme (Non-Life)             24-26     23-25    
P319 Financial Audit and Control (Life)   30-03                  
P320 Investment Appreciation (Life)         01-05              
P363 Insurance Accounting, Audit & Control (Non-Life)         22-24           20-22  
P364 Financial Awareness Programme (Life)     13-17 11-15 01-05              
P600 Investment Awareness Programme (Life)    16-20           28-02      
P631 Investment Management Programme (Non-Life)         11-12              
P664 Programme on Financial Markets (Combined) 20-22             07-09        
P665 Programme on Derivatives (Combined)   23-25                    
  Name of the Programme Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P35 HRM and Employee Relations (Life)               09-13                  
P169 Train the Trainers Programme (Combined)     06-10                 20-24
P437 Leadership Competencies for Business Excellence (Non-Life)       18-20     19-21          
P439 Developing Leaders for Tomorrow (Non-Life)       25-29         19-23      
P510 Managerial Effectiveness (Life)     06-10                  
P517 Workshop on Industrial Relations (Non-Life)   11-13                    
P602 Workshop on Performance Management for Regional & Divisional In-charges (Non-Life)         08-10              
P603 Workshop on Self Management & Transformation (Non-Life)           07-09       16-18    
P604 Procedures & Practices in Court Cases (HR) (Non-Life)               21-23        
P607 Strategy Implementation  (Life )     20-22                  
P641 Strategy Implementation : P&GS (Life )         16-18              
  (i) Life IT Programmes 
  Name of the Programme Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P612 Workshop on Excel for Actuarial Analytics (Life)                   16-20    
P613 Workshop on R  for Actuarial Analytics (Life)                   30-03  
P658 Workshop on Data Mining & Interpretation (Life)         01-05              
P661 Workshop on Project Management  (Life)       04-08                
P671 Workshop on Excel (for Financial, Investment, Pension and Marketing Analytics) (Life)     27-01                
P672 Workshop on R (for Financial, Investment, Pension and Marketing Analytics) (Life)       11-15                
P567 Workshop on Risk Modeling & Simulation (Non-Life)         29-02            
P548 Workshop on Data Mining & Interpretation (Combined)               21-25        
P549 Workshop on Project Management  (Combined)             17-21          
P659 Workshop on Excel Macros for Professional Spreadsheet Application Modeling (Combined)               28-02      
P660 IT-Business Analyst Competency Development Workshop (Combined)   30-03     19-23            
P669 Top Management Meeting on Advanced Technologies for Innovative Insurance Intelligence - (Combined)           08-09            
P670 Workshop on 21st Century Skills (Combined)   9-13             05-09      
P673 Workshop on R for Advanced Data Analytics (Combined)       25-29                
P674 Workshop on IT Empowered Health Risk Analytics (Combined)         22-26              
P675 Workshop on SQL, NOSQL & Big Data Analytics (Combined)             03-07          
P676 Workshop on Digital Marketing & Intelligence (Combined)               07-11        
  (IV) COMPANY SPECIFIC PROGRAMMES                        
P649 CWISS Functionalities (New India)     08-10     26-28            
  Name of the Programme Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P81 Actuarial Practices in Life Insurance (Life)   04-06           02-04        
P82 Comprehensive Technical Programme in Life Insurance (Life)     20-01   19-30       09-20 06-17  
P133 Actuarial Appreciation Programme for Senior Executives (Life)           06-08            
P491 IT Awareness Programme for Non-IT Perosnnel (Life)         08-12       26-30      
P512 C. D. Deshmukh Seminar (Life)                   12-13    
P619 Comprehensive Technical Programme in Life Insurance (Overseas)                     27-10
P644 Comprehensive Programme on Life Insurance Regulations (Life)   16-20                    
P217 Programme on Consumer Courts, Ombudsman and Grievance Redressal ( Combined )         16-18             08-10
  Name of the Programme Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P58 Comprehensive Technical Programme In General Insurance (Non-Life)               21-09      
P61 Management of Project Insurance (Non-Life)   30-03           19-23      
P66 Management of Property Insurance (Fire) (Non-Life)       04-08             06-10  
P68 Management of Marine Insurance (Hull) (Non-Life)   11-13               09-11    
P72 Management of Liability Insurance (Non-Life)     06-08   16-18   24-26          
P127 Programme on Aviation Insurance (Non-Life)         01-02              
P155 Management of Motor Underwriting & Claims (OD) (Non-Life)       25-27       15-17     08-10  
P156 Workshop on Motor Third Party Claims (Non-Life)     29-01 22-24 28-30     26-28      
P162 Management of Miscellaneous Insurance Business (Non-Life)       18-22           16-20    
P203 Insurance Management of Energy Risks (Oil, Gas &  Non-conventional) (Non-Life)                   23-25    
P212 Management of Marine Insurance (Cargo) (Non-Life)   16-18               04-06    
P214 Claims Management (Non-Life)         29-31           22-24  
P225 Management of Rural Insurance (Non-Life)                       20-22
P302 Risk Based Underwriting (Non-Life)           06-08            
P352 Management of Engineering Insurance (Non-Life)           14-16           15-17
P561 Reinsurance Management (Non-Life)           14-16            
P624 Management of Micro Insurance (Non-Life)                   30-01  
P625 Profitable Management of Health Portfolio (Non-Life)   23-27     01-05   03-07       27-03
P626 "Loss of Earnings" Insurance (LOP,ALOP,MLOP, DSU) (Non-Life)               02-04        
P646 Agricultural Insurance (Non-Life)                   30-31    
  Name of the Programme Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar
P668 Refresher Training Programme for Direct Recruits of GIC   02-06 20-24   08-12