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Name of the participant : Asgari I J
Designation : Admn.Off.
Office : GODHRA D.O.
Contact Number : 9426384486
Email id :
Program attended : Basic H/W Engg. & Maintenance
From Date: 2012-05-14
To Date: 2012-05-19
Comments / Feedback : All the lectures on subjects were very well explained and practicals were also good organized. Thanks to Shri Anil Bansode, Shri H.P.Dwivedi, Shri P.V.Veer, Shri Sharad Jadav, Shri R.Das, Shri Amol and all others.... Though I am connected with I.T. since last 20 years, I found it useful to me... and questions why such training was not given a long before to people like me and those who were connected with I.T... ok but " der se aaye par durast aaye" ..