Dr. Sushama Chaudhari


Ph. D. (Management), MSW (Personnel Management)

Certified Professional Coach: Coaching for Transformation from Leadership that Works (USA) - Accredited Coach Training Programme of International Coaching Federation. 

Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst by Turning Point and Success Insight International, USA

Certified Professional Behavioural Analyst by Turning Point and Success Insight International, USA  


Training Experience: 12 Years in facilitating Workshops & Management Development Programmes in areas of Leadership Competency Development, High Performance Work Teams, Performance Planning and Management, Self-Awareness and Transformation

Teaching Experience: 20 Years in Leading Management Schools in Organizational Behaviour and HRM Area.

Industry Experience: 07 Years in as HRD Specialist in reputed Companies.

Consulting Experience:  Consulting Assignments in areas of KPI Formulation, Design of Performance Appraisal Formats, Performance Management, Long Term Leadership Development Interventions, HRD Audit

Research Experience: Widely published in Organizational Behaviour Area, Impact Assessment of Social Security Schemes

Recognized Ph. D. Guide – Savitribai Phule Pune University  &  Symbiosis International University

Area of Interest:

Leadership Development

Driving Performance in Organizations

Leadership Coaching

Organization Development

Self-Management and Transformation

Work Values

Action Learning and Leadership Development

Organizational Effectiveness


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 No. of Publications (National):14

 No. of Publications (International):  4

 Books / Chapters/ Edited Books: 04 (Manuals for Psychometric Instruments),  05 (Chapters in Books) ,  01 (Edited Book)

Conference Papers presented : 05 (National)  and  04   (International)

List of Select Publications *


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  • (2017). ‘Strength based approach to Leadership Skills Development: Role of Awareness; Alignment; Action. Paper presentation at International Conference organized by SMS, Varanasi and California State University, USA on 17th and 18th February 2017.


Chapters in Books                                                                                                                                        

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Book/ Psychometric Instruments

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  • (1999). Manual for Learned Optimism Scale. Agra: National Psychological Corporation.
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